Mannington Hall

Volunteers from PBL manned a stall at Mannington Hall at Lady Walpole’s request as it was her hospice charitable day.  We ran a raffle and people were very generous and we made £40.00. We made friends with lots of the other volunteers from the other Hospices – The Nook, Tapping House, and the East Coast Hospice. We were given some help by these lovely folk to put up our gazebo.  The one that we had borrowed was green and white stripes and it looked rather fine. We also pinned our new logo to the front and it was great to see so many visitors. Lord and Lady Walpole visited all the stalls and were delightful hosts for the day.  There was a children’s book sale inside the hall.  The grounds were looking beautiful.

Suzanne and Pam survey the lawn before putting up the gazebo.