More Bear Shop Cakes for PBL

Hello lovely Support Group members  – How are you managing?

Here is a lovely photo and comment from one of our wonderful Bear Shop Ladies – Alison.

Pam and I went to see Robert at his Bear Shop in Elm Hill. As previous readers of the Newsletter and website, you will know he invites us to  ‘do’ the charity (PBL) teas every year when he opens his beautiful garden for the NGS and Norfolk Heritage Days. It was lovely to see him but the city is still very quiet, as was the shop. We had our masks  and gloves at the ready.

Alison is facing the same dilemma as a lot of us. Not easy –  balancing the risk of more socialization with the risk of contact with this deadly virus.

Do let me know how you are all facing this difficult time? Do share any stories of how you are getting through the weeks. I know I have not  completed any of  the tasks that I diligently wrote down for myself in March!!

This is from Alison looking lovely despite her (in my opinion) unfounded worries about Lock Down Hair!!

Hello Elizabeth

I should’ve taken a photo of the cakes before I packed them – so much individual wrapping isn’t very photogenic and doesn’t help cake look inviting so I hope putting them in a pretty box helped!

Last week I took Chocolate Brownie and Delia Smith’s Ginger Tray Bake. My husband was thrilled with the ginger one which is a recipe from way back that I haven’t made for years and I’d forgotten is one of his favourites.

As lockdown eases we are wondering how to edge ourselves into a little more contact without compromising the protection that shielding has given my husband. It seems a bit daunting, so being occupied baking treats for the wonderful people at PBL is a wonderful distraction and a way of feeling that I can do something useful for the world outside.

I am so glad you went to see Robert. Did you sit in his amazing garden for a while? We will all miss visiting it this year. Let’s hope we can enjoy it with him next year.

Lots of good wishes